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Anna Hillier (S.)  

A Moongate is an architectural structure as an entrance to a person's abode.


I think of myself as an amateur observer. Both astronomical and nature observing. My observatory is my back porch because it is elevated and in line with the middle of the trees as the land slopes down. It faces southeast at the winter solstice, the sun rises in a direct line within our property.

   United States of America is where I reside as an Independent Scholar which was given to me while  attending a convention of the History of Science Society in Cambridge, Mass.


 The Amateur Telescope Makers of Boston, American Association of Variable Star Observers, Astronomical Society of the Pacific, Astronomical League, Society for Amateur Scientists.  

ATMOB:  A member since 1957 and have held many offices. In 1995, compiled and collated a historical record of the Amateur Telescope Makers of Boston. "A Historical Look-The Amateur Telescope Makers of Boston."     

AAVSO: Solar Program at AAVSO website Sunspots starting on July 4th -2009 the start of solar actiivity

ASP:  2006 published paper "Preservation of  Lantern Slides for use in Today's Technology". In the proceedings of "The Library Information Services in Astronomy V."

ASTRONOMICAL LEAGUE:  In 1998, I practiced solar image notation and solar observing where I learned to observe sunspots and to correctly report the results,which earned me the sunspotter award #6.  In 2001, I was the first  recipient of the Northeast Regional Award for Historical Preservation. "Walter Scott Houston Award."

SAS:  The Citizen Scientist Newsletter-October 2007 issue-Special Moonwatch Feature One and The Transit Scopes of Moonwatch.         


 International Heliophysical Year 2007: International Geophysical Year Gold Club award for participating in the Moonwatch program and sharing my memories with Barbara Thompson,Washington, D.C.

Amateur Telescope Makers of Boston: A wooden plaque for 50-years of membership and a  Sputnik t-shirt.

Current books of interest

Books I have read and currently reading: 

To the Letter : A Celebration of the Lost Art of Letter Writing by Simon Garfield

Current websites of interest

Get caught reading, Visit your local library. In Memory of Anne McCaffery

Here are some pictures from Back Bay Station to honor Redcaps. A lost profession.


A. Philip Randolph

A. Philip Randolph


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